Tester Printing

Tester Printing

Blood glucose test strip printing, Uric acid test paper printing, Cholesterol tester printing

Suitable for various type of tester for heath care medical examination.
Suitable for various type of tester for heath care medical examination.

Suitable for all kind of PET sheet for Tester to repeat process multi-layer screen printing. Operated by manual loading substrate with pin edge alignment or pin insertion alignment, automatic printing and manual off-loading. Applicable models handle printing area in range 500x600 ~ 610x610 mm.

Applicable Model :

(1) 1/2 Automatic Model :
AT 60PD (max printing area 400x600mm)
ATMAOE 56 (max printing area 440x600mm)

(2) Fully Automatic Model :
ATMAOE MF66 (max printing area 610x610mm)
ATMAOE MF66/F (max printing area 610x610mm)

Suitable for Roll-to-Roll screen printing various types of PET rolled material to repeat process multi-layer printing. Usage way – auto feeding - auto-registration - automatic printing - continual drying - automatic rewinder off-loading. Applicable models handle printing area 340x500mm and 500x600 mm.

Applicable Model :
ATMALINE RR5060-S Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line (optical sensor detects registration)

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  • Digital Electric Flat Screen Printer - HMI touch-screen panel setup parameters to attain digitalized production management, minimized air exhaustion, screen vertical up down precise positioning
    Digital Electric Flat Screen Printer

    Digital electric flat screen printer AT-60PD, suitable for printing blood sugar tester, membrane switch, display panel, flexible printed circuits board (FPC), etcprecise process screen printing Motor driven screen vertical up down, collocated with encoder to control precise positioning, ink doesn’t flow to lateral side on screenAdopt HMI displays Chinese and English language, digitalized control quick selectable, setup various printing cycle mode, enable to choose depending on different need of substrate, fast convenience to achieve printing efficiency, corresponding to various printing needSafety protective loop, setting or operating error or malfunction is occurred, machine is stopped immediately and display error message onto touch-screen, enclosed with restoration functionE-stop button ascends restoration, comprehensive protecting operator safety to reduce defective rate.

  • Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer - Realized diverse product of touch panel aiming to develop light weight, slim and small size to satisfy with the goal of customer massive production.
    Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer

    Suitable for precise screen printing capacity type touch panel, ITO conductive glass, ITO conductive film, blood sugar tester, EL panel, etc. Characteristic : high accuracy of vacuum table flatness, appropriate vacuum hole diameter can be made depending on substrate thickness need, CCD visual auto registering, three sets of servo motor are equipped for vacuum table, collocated with CCD camera displacement function, the printing head is driven by guide rail cylinder, onto equalizing air pressure can be presented completely on printingOptional cleaning roller can be selected to pick up dust or particles rapidly, anti-static to eliminate electrostatic on substrate for smooth printingEnclosure keeps printing section clean, overall collocation to raise yield rate of efficient printing massive production

  • Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer (thin film) - Realize touch control diverse products evolution toward direction of  light weight, thin, short and small, duly satisfies with customer’s goal of  massive production.
    Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer (thin film)

    Suitable for precise screen printing on Flexible Printed Circuits, ITO Conductive Film, Blood Sugar Tester, EL panel, etc Advantage of this machine : auto feeding→CCD registering→printing→collecting High flatness vacuum table top, vacuum holes size can be made to match substrate thickness, CCD camera detects auto registering, three axis servo motors are equipped for table to collocate CCD to make compensation of displacement function, printing head adopts guide rail cylinder, constant equalized air pressure can be rendered onto printing, thru overall collocation scheme, high efficiency raises yield rate of printing capacity production.

  • Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line - Combined with unwinder + sensor registering screen printe + composed dryer (IR + hot air) + auto winder, connected into automatic printing line.
    Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line

    Global population of diabetic is growing gradually year by year, in this huge market and is actively promoted by government of every country, research and improvement of biochemical technology becomes main direction of every country developmentAnd the comsummable of blood sugar tester is the testing strip, which is purchased and replaced frequently, it is processed by screen printingResistance value of testing strip includes three elements, which can be discussed as screen mesh count for Sliver paste, deposit layer thickness of conductive Sliver paste and Carbon This automatic screen printing line is dedicated to massive production, accuracy and ink layer uniform thickness can be achieved easily to meet manufacturer requirement.

  • Opto-Electric High Precision Screen Printer - Four-post structure features assures screen up down height consistenceSliding table design features maximized operation space and more protective operation area.
    Opto-Electric High Precision Screen Printer
    ATMAOE 56

    Suitable for precise screen printing on flexible printed circuit, touch screen panel, light guide plate, diffusive plate, blood sugar tester, EL panel, etc. Sliding table design features comfortable operation spaceFour-post up/down synchronous driven by German Gear Motor + Chain System, and the level positioning (printing/stand-by/cleaning) is digitally controlled by encoder with accuracy ±0.05mm : screen calibration operating, easy and fast, air locking frame holder, right left arm for holder, frame carrier, equipped with check-valve to sustain lockingScreen three-point micro adjustment X/Y structure with numeric indicator showing coordination for easy screen positioning, right left arm for frame holder can be made fine adjustment height at four corners to calibrate screen parallel leveling Option : Auto Gripper Take-off, Cleaning Roller, Anti-static Bar, Dripless Squeegee, total aspect collocation to raise yield rate of printing quality.

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ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a global leader of Tester Printing | silk screen printing equipment based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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