Pneumatic Mini Curve Screen Printer

Pneumatic Mini Curve Screen Printer


Curve Screen Printer,Pneumatic Type Curve Screen Printer,Mini Curve Screen Printer

Suitable for screen printing cylindrical, conical, oval shaped and curve with small diameter, such as cup, mug, bottle, pipe, tube, can and so on.
Suitable for screen printing cylindrical, conical, oval shaped and curve with small diameter, such as cup, mug, bottle, pipe, tube, can and so on.

Initially invented pneumatic mini curve screen printer, suitable for printing industrial product like cosmetic container, glass or cup / mug, syringe, measurement cup, golf club, etc.
Corresponding to diverse production efficiency, cross base micro-adjustment for easy screen registration, equipped with inflatable thimble, CPU control, selectable various printing cycle mode for smooth operation, which is the best choice of small curve screen printer.


  • Screen vertical up down to prevent ink flow into lateral side.
  • Gear and cog bar are closed synchronously transmission, collocated fixture to attain printing to represent image original size, ensure multi-color printing precise registration.
  • Inflatable thimble device ensures printing soft bottle and center fulcrum fixation the object for printing.
  • Safety insertion pin facilitates to change the squeegee, flood coater, screen and ink cleaning.
  • Fixture : depending on practical printing need, bespoke design the fixture and gear to fit curve object printing.
  • CPU control, versatile printing cycle mode selection to fulfill various printing requirement.
  • Equipped with E-stop switch to ensure operator safety and reduce defective rate


Screen Up Level100mm
Max Productivity820 P/H
Max Printing Diameterϕ145x200mm
Max Frame O/D Size350x650mm
Frame Micro-adjustment front / backward direction15mm
Cross Base Micro-adjustment15mm
Machine Weight190kg
Machine Dimension860x880x1690mm

Other size of the same model series:

TY-500FABT (max printing area Flat 300x460mm Curve Φ50-Φ145mm)


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