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Screen Printing Applications

Welcome browsing our Products. Screen Printing, owing to its characteristics: highly adaptable to Substrates and Inks, hence widely applied in various processes and in wide diversities; Our Screen Printing Equipment products are therefore designed/developed coping with such processes in diversities. To ease your searching, identifying, thus quickly finding corresponding models possibly meet your needs, we proposed our products by diversification of several major application segments (as below), guiding you to click in for understanding.

Further, you might have found our products are in two brand series: ATMA® and SPS®, they are different in printing run principle and automation degree:

  • ATMA : for substrates in sheet/panel forms [*], adopts “flat-bed(table)” as substrate support base, added various modularly designed Printing Section (consists of stationary Screen Section and moving Printing Head), different degreed substrate in/out conveyance mechanism, and pre-print/post-print affiliated function sections for serial processes; Flat-bed type has the characteristics of being easy to operate and control, and accurate in print, suitable for industrial processes requiring accuracy rather than high productivity; [ * partial models may handle stereo molded substrates with printable flat or cylindrical surface, usually work with jig/holder: jig on table, rotating holder for cylindrical substrates; (see Industrial Printing) Recently also developed available models in Roll-to-roll work-flow principle for flexible substrates in roll form; (see Fully Automatic Roll-to-roll Screen Printing Line) ]
  • —SPS : for substrates in flexible sheet form, adopts “rotating cylinder” as substrate support base, added specific Printing Section (consists of moving Screen Section syncing to cylinder, and stationary Printing Head), automatic substrate infeed – positioning – printing – delivery conveyance mechanism, and pre-print feeding, post-print drying/stacking…in-line equipment for fully automatic serial processes; Cylinder type has the characteristics of being fully automated, in high run speed(=high productivity), suitable for processes requiring high automation and high productivity; (see SPS® Fully Automatic Screen Printing Line) ]
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  • Industrial Printing
    Industrial Decoration, Industrial Screen Printing, Industrial Product Printing

    Industrial printing includes flat and curve printing on various materials like plastic, metal, ceramic, glass industrial products, satisfied with the diversified need, and provides bespoke screen printing solution for diverse industrial products.

  • Graphic Printing
    Also called color screen printing, screen-printing varnishing, UV varnishing…

    Applies methodology of screen printing to directly print graphic images/texts onto papers, card boards, plastics and other materials in sheet form, or to print add-on vanishes onto already printed surface for relief, grain, metallic glitter, etc. special effects, so increases dazzling attraction, such as Advertisement Posters, Packaging Boxes/Wraps, Book Covers, Print Paintings, Stickers, Greeting Cards, Label Tags, Braille and so on.

  • Glass Printing
    Automotive Glass printing, Architecture Glass printing, Appliance Glass printing, Household Glass printing, PHOTOVOLTAIC GLASS PRINTING

    Glass printing is divided into four sectors of application : Automative glass : front / back windshield glass, triangle lateral window (irregular shaped) glass, skylight glass. Architectural glass : partition glass, house furnishing glass, fine art door and window glass, bathroom glass Appliance glass : refrigeration door glass, mantelpiece glass, microwave oven glass, vertical air conditioner glass Household glass : tableware glass, lampshade glass, adornment glass.Applied for printing back frame, bus bar, defogging, fine art graphic, landscaping text, various stripe line, sunshade thermal isolation, and so on to enhance practicability, elegance and efficiency of thermal isolation.

  • Printed Circuits
    So-called electronic printing, printing electronic circuits, legend printing, photo imageable resistant solder mask printing, solder mask printing, fine line circuits printing, silver paste printing, carbon paste printing, conductive circuits printing.

    Screen printing methodology is applied to print legend, marks, conductive ink or isolated ink directly onto foil sheet or substrate, such as printed circuits board (legend, solder mask printing), flexible printed circuits board (plug-via,legend, solder mask printing), conductive circuits printing (copper, silver, carbon paste), RFID, pressure sensitive circuits, flexible flat cable, membrane switch, etc.

  • Opto-electronic Printing
    Smart Phone Cover Lens printing, Display Panel printing, Guided Light Panel printing, ITO Glass printing and ITO Film printing

    Opto-electronic printing includes all kind of opto-electronic products.1. Smart Phone Cover lens printing : process of screen printing BM (back matrix), CG, IR, I-con, Logo, ect. 2. Display Panel printing : process of screen printing back matrix, silver circuits, glue mask, etching, etc. 3. Guided Light Panel printing : process of screen printing the guided light spot onto glass or acrylic panel.Suitable for screen printing smart phone cover lens, touch panel, tablet display, automotive display panel, industrial control computer, medical instrument, auto dashboard, slot machine, ATM banking machine, LCD display for appliance, ITO glass / ITO film, guided light panel, optical acrylic.

  • Biomedical Printing
    Biomedical Tester printing, Blood Sugar Tester printing, Uric Acid Tester printing, Cholesterol Tester printing

    Biomedical printing includes flat bed and roll-to-roll printing, the equipments are used to print top and bottom cover of Tester, silver, electro carbon to meet product requirement, and provides the bespoke screen printing solution for the biomedical products.Flat bed screen printing is suitable for all kind of PET sheet material for Tester to repeat process of multi-layer printing. Roll-to-Roll screen printing is suitable for all kind of PET rolled material to repeat process of multi-layer printing.Suitable for all kind of PET sheet for Tester to repeat process multi-layer screen printing. Operated by manual loading substrate with pin edge alignment or pin insertion alignment, automatic printing and manual off-loading. Applicable models handle printing area in range 500x600 ~ 610x610 mm.

  • Green Energy Printing
    Solar energy wafer printing, solar cell printing, mono-crystallized silicon wafer printing, multi-crystallized silicon wafer printing

    Green energy printing refers to all kind of solar cell printing process, mainly printing silver paste, sliver-aluminum paste electrode onto the crystallized silicon wafer Dedicated to print Silver or Aluminum paste for figures and bus bar onto mono-crystalline or polycrystalline Silicon Wafer in size 5”& 6”Applicable screen printer including fully automatic and semi-automatic machine as below : (1) Fully Automatic : Green Energy Silicon Wafer Fully Automatic Screen Printing Line : ATMALINE PV60(D) (2) Semi-automatic : CCD Green Energy Silicon Wafer Centered Registering Screen Printer : ATMASC 25PP Green Energy Silicon Wafer Screen Printer : AT-25PSC

  • Auxiliary Accessories
    Except for ATMA prime product of various screen printers, other peripheral accessories as : Stencil Making Equipment, Manual Printing Table, Post Printing Equipment, Auxiliary Equipment, Accessories Consumable

    Screen printing peripheral equipment including : Mechanical Screen Fabric Stretching Machine : suitable for stretching screen fabric process to make screen. Digital Emulsion Coating Machine : suitable for photosensitive emulsion coating high precision screen. UV Exposure : suitable for high precision screen image development Stencil Dryer : suitable for high precision screen drying rapidly. Manual Screen Printing Table : simply manual screen printing table. Washing Booth : suitable for washing, developing, stripping process of screen making. Ink Mixer : suitable for uniform blending to mix ink and additive Ink Stirring : suitable for uniform blending to mix ink and additive Fully Automatic Squeegee Sharpener : sharpening squeegee sharp edge and flattening.

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40 Years of Industrial Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturing - ATMA

ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a silk screen printing equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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