Fully Automatic CCD Registering Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line

Fully Automatic CCD Registering Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line


Fully Automatic Roll-to-Roll Screen Printer, Fully Automatic RtR Screen Printer, Fully Automatic Reel-to-Reel Screen Printer

Incorporated with unwinding + screen printer with CCD registering + Visual Inspection + Reel-to-Reel Standstill + IR Hot Air Dryer + Auto Winder connecting automatic production line
Incorporated with unwinding + screen printer with CCD registering + Visual Inspection + Reel-to-Reel Standstill + IR Hot Air Dryer + Auto Winder connecting automatic production line

Among next generation of sunrise industries, FPC (Flexible Electronics) technology is being developed rapidly, flexible electronics is generally known technology, which is configured components onto thin film or metal foil or flexible substrateApplication of flexible electronic technology is widely used currently, except for the earlier development and mature technology of FPC industry, Flexible Display, E-paper, Thin Film Solar Cell, RFID and so on is application scope of flexible electronics, great potential development in futureCombined with Roll-to-Roll continual processing to produce flexible electronic products, also achieves advantage of production efficiency and cost down.
R2R continual production equipment and transmission technology, it will be the most futuristic world trend of industry, such technology will cause tremendous innovation of industry from material, equipment, processing, product design, driven circuits etc


  • Servo Control Tension : conveyor mode adopts servo power coupling structure EPC, tension control adopts self-development vertically, servo tension control
  • CCD Registering : enclosed with 4 sets CCD registering and four axis (XYXY) servo driven screen displacement to attain function of precise registration and printing.
  • Equalized Pressure Control : printing head adopts equalizing air pressure control, squeegee/ flood coater digital equalizing system control can be preset (3-62 kgf) on touch screen panel.
  • High Level Accuracy : thick Aluminum alloyed plate with precise machining and iodized treatment is used for table top, prevent scratching substrate, table flatness accuracy achieves ±0.02mm.
  • Quick Operation : Advanced IPC integration control, colored touch-screen + colored LCD monitor provide diverse functional parameters setting and instant operating / surveillance, easy operation to fulfill perfect requirement for digitalization, standardization, humanization
  • Safety Protection : equipped with error diagnosis, safety restoration, E-stop, three color warning lamp, etc, comprehension protection.


(Unwinding Machine)
Feed-in ModeVacuum roller winding
Transmission ModeServo power winding
Proceed along edge ModeStructural EPC
Proceed along edge Margin±10mm
Tension Control ModeVertical type, servo control
Unwinding Tension0.5〜3.0kgf
Unwinding Speed10〜100mm/sec
Cutting / Lamination DeviceAttachment
CCD Camera4 pcs
FOV scope15x20mm
Image Detection ModeDetect up / down registration mark simultaneously
Camera detection scopeX=±75~±250mm
Operation InterfaceHMI (parameter setting)
Enclosure ModeFeed-in Section : upper enclosure
Printing Section : full enclosure
Power Source3∮,220/380V,50/60Hz
Machine Dimension3525x1725x2350mm
Machine Weight2,220kgs

ModelAT_RI3250 (Inspection)
Quality InspectionManual moving CCD inspection + monitor display (12.1 inch)
Inspection CCD Camera Number1 pc (colored camera)
Camera FOV12.5x17 mm
Inspection Area340x500 mm
CCD Height91mm
Conveyor Speed10~100mm/sec  (可調)
Conveyor DeliveryVacuum roller conveyor, servo motor driven
Vacuum ModeVacuum ring blower
Cutting / Lamination DeviceYes
Air floating Inspection PlatformYes
Material Connecting StructureYes (3” Air Shaft)
Equipment Exterior EnclosureLift protective cover
Power Source3∮,220/380V,50/60Hz
Machine Dimension1475×870×1840mm
Machine Weight700 kgs

Standstill Machine
Conveyor Speed10~100mm/sec  (adjustable)
Conveyor ModeVacuum conveyor roller, servo driven
Vacuum Roller Height1780+60 mm
Vacuum Roller Group6 sets (induction motor driven)
Vacuum ModeVacuum ring blower
Equipment Exterior EnclosureEnclosure protection
Power Source3∮,220/380V,50/60Hz
Machine Dimension3495×955×2410mm
Machine Weight1150 kgs

ModelAT_RIO4032 Dryer
Conveyor DeliveryVacuum roller
Effective Conveyor Width250、300、320、340mm
Transmission ModeVacuum roller transmission
Conveyor Height1750+60mm
Conveyor Speed0.5~6 M/min
Heating ModeIR + Hot air circulation
Heating Section4 sections
Conveyor LengthTotal 16M
VentilationAir blower
Ventilative Directionfrom up to down
MaterialThermal isolation inner layer adopted SUS 430
Thermal isolation external layer adopted SS41 lacquer
Warm Up SystemHot air +IR 
Temperature Control SystemAdopt SCR control IR
SSR control hot air circulation
Temperature Control SystemHot air circulation
Temperature RangeRoom temperature +20~200℃
Circulation System10.5 inch fan circulation
Average TemperatureSetting temperature within ±3%
Operation InterfaceProface 7 inch touch screen, setting parameters
General SettingHeat extraction 16CMM (mechanical valve adjustable flow rate)
Protection Device
  1. Temperature controller over heating setting, over heating temperature 10℃ to cut off electrothermal
  2. Electric over temperature protector (temperature setting, highest +20℃), exceed setting temperature to cut off electrothermal
Depending on HMI display error message, three color warning lamp + buzzer, E-stop button
Power Source3∮,220/380V,50/60Hz
Machine Dimension L×W×H4300×1500×2100mm
(heating section length : 3760mm)
Machine Weight3,270 kgs
Winding Machine
Winding mode90° vacuum roller conveyor (servo motor driven)
Winding Speed10~100 mm/sec
Vacuum ModeRing Blower
Proceed along edge ModeCorrector +
Structural EPC±10mm
Tension Control ModeLoadcell + Servo control
Winding Tension0.5~3 kgf
Operation InterfaceProface 7 inch HMI, parameter setting
Equipment Exterior Enclosure ModeLift protective cover
Power Source3∮,220/380V,50/60Hz
Machine Dimension1250×1195×1390mm
Machine Weight650 kgs


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