Industrial Screen Printing Machine

ATMA screen printing solution is part of making industrial products function or outlook decoration. / ATMA CHAMP manufacture professional screen printing related machineries. Our products are widely use in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

Industrial Screen Printing Machine

ATMA screen printing solution is part of making industrial products function or outlook decoration.

ATMA silk-screen printer is dedicated to decorative or functional printing.
ATMA silk-screen printer is dedicated to decorative or functional printing.

ATMA provides wide range of industrial printing machine as flat or curved screen printer for decorative printing or functional coating on rigid or flexible substrates like plastic, metal, mylar, glass, etc. ATMA professionally supports all projects for custom-made from concept to design, manufacturing and turnkey installation.
Industrial screen printing is a part of overall production process and can be split into decorative and functional screen printing in according to product application. Decorative printing can make the product outlook appearance luxury or fancy. Functional printing brings the functionality to the products, Both enable to increase the product value-added.

Flat screen printing can be applied for diverse industrial products as stated below :

Screen printing automotive Dashboard
Strong control screen printing all parameters of opacity, texture, transfer, light and color is required. ATMA silk-screen printing machine is configured with the equalizer to control squeegee constant air pressure printing uniform ink layer to attain image thru backlight even transparently. Also, it is featured with mechanical pin alignment or visual system registration in according to customer production need to achieve high repeatability registration accuracy to present sharp and fine line image.
Screen printing automotive Gasket
Screen printing machine is applied to coat grommet with molybdenum disulfide on the surface to avoid scratch, rubber coating onto surface achieves better sealing performance to resist engine high pressure and prevent leakage. ATMA silk-screen printer has featured with the adjustable squeegee / flood coater to attain skew angle printing and prevent the substrate’s sharp edge and corners to tear-off mesh. Also, the equalizing air pressure controls the squeegee printing uniform ink layer for excellent sealing.
Screen printing nameplate and cards
Screen printing is a part of making nameplate to provide explicit information or sign as user identification or product parameters, fine line graphical and literal printing can be done by the precise alignment and stable printing speed with the equalized pressure. ATMA silk-screen printer is suitable for flat nameplate and Cards decorative colored printing, it is configured with air locking frame holder with micro-adjustment for quick setup to exchange the screen and precise alignment for multi-color printing.
Screen printing membrane switch
ATMA provides screen printing equipment to handle crucial processing of making membrane switch, which is used as a switch on circuit boards. ATMA screen printing machine is used for massive production printing the graphics or pictogram as well as conductive ink for the contacts or circuits onto membrane switch. ATMA screen printers facilitate quick setup, easy operating to exchange screen for multi-color or multi-layer functional ink printing and high productivity.
Screen printing stereo casting or cubic housing
ATMA special design screen printer to have the slotted table with clamp plate assembly, which enables to get mounted the fixture to fix the cubic object in height 300 mm or below for printing. The slotted table can be adjusted by hand wheel with position indicator in according to cubic object height to accommodate different height of cubic objects. Handy operation facilitates quick manual loading and unloading. Custom-made is accepted for the fixture to adapt the specified cubic object.
Screen printing transfer paper and decal
ATMA product line includes semi-auto and 3/4 automatic various models of flatbed screen printing to meet demand of diverse small production or massive batch production. ATMA flatbed screen printer is dedicated to print graphical multi-color for decorative and garment industry. High precise assembly is adopted for dynamical structure to attain stable movement and precise positioning. Handy adjustable structure is designed for fast setup and alignment. Additional, digital control is preset all recipe parameters, the inexperienced operator can handle quality printing. Moreover, ATMA provides fully automatic cylinder press for massive production with 4000 pcs per hour. This model is designed originally by the renowned German brand SPS, it was incorporated by ATMA and is improved market strength to meet diverse production.
Screen printing stationery, souvenir, gift, toys, shoe pad, ceramic tile
Various industrial products with small printing area which can be printed by ATMA mini flatbed screen printer to increase product value-added. Handy operation plug-and-play attains quick setup to save labor and time to fulfill diverse small amount production. Low cost of equipment may get rewarded from investment within shortly.
Curved printing by ATMA screen printer
ATMA solution of the curved printing is applied for various cylindrical, conical or oval shaped objects, such as mug, bottle, tube, pail, cans, cosmetic container, etc. ATMA curved screen printing machine is designed for seamless circumference printing. Automatic registration device is equipped to work along with the fixture for multi-color printing. Fixture is designed in according to the specified cylindrical (or curved) object. Advantage of ATMA curved screen printer is flexibility to adapt small volume diverse production, quick setup and user friendly.
  • Transfer Paper Screen Printer - Various kind of material transfer paper printing and sticker printing
    Transfer Paper Screen Printer
    Heat Transfer Screen Printer, Water Transfer Screen Printer, Ceramic Transfer Screen Printer

    Suitable for screen printing the bespoke design colored exquisite graphic image and script onto transfer paper, there are water transfer and heat transfer type, water based paper on the treatment of water easily soluble dextrin, PVA, etc. Hot melt transfer releasing agent is divided into hot melt or heat insoluble type, as low temperature plastic or heat insoluble with separation character like wax, silicon rubber and so on. Also, suitable for screen printing on all kind material as PC, PE PET, PVT sticker or decal with excellent adhesion and colorful graphic image. Applicable models handle printing area in range 200x250 ~ 1000x1400 mm.

  • Membrane Switch Screen Printer - Membrane switch is applied as operation interface of various industrial equipments and instruments, such as Medical Instrument, Laboratory Equipment, Electronic Test, Telecommunication Networking Equipment, Industrial Controls, Fitness Equipment, Appliance, etc.
    Membrane Switch Screen Printer
    Overlay Membrane Switch Screen Printer, Membrane Switch Graphic Screen Printer, Membrane Switch Panel Screen Printer

    Membrane switch is a sandwich of thin layer that are bounded together using pressure sensitive adhesives. Depending on the application requirement, it is consisted of 4~9 layers. The visible top layer of membrane switch is the graphic overlay, with printed circuitry underneath the overlay that uses pressure to open and close a circuit. The membrane switch circuitry is most often screen printed using conductive ink as silver, carbon or graphite. The circuitry can also incorporate different layers such as Polyester (silver flex), Polyimide (copper flex) and rigid PCB layer, Activation of a switch occurs when a printed shorting pad or metal dome makes contact with the bottom circuit layer thus, closing the circuit. Applicable models handler printing area in range 400x600 ~ 760x1040 mm

  • Automotive Dashboard Screen Printer - Automotive Dashboard printing, EL Dashboard printing, Motorcycle Dashboard printing, etc., which are precise screen printing multi-color uniform light pictorial and warning signs.
    Automotive Dashboard Screen Printer
    Car Dashboard Screen Printer, Automotive Speedometer Screen Printer

    Suitable for Mylar material thin film / sheet multicolor printing translucent graphic precise processing. Dashboard is a unique combination of safety, functionality, comfort and decoration. Applicable models handle printing area in range 400x600 ~ 760x1040 mm

  • Nameplate & Cards Screen Printer - Exquisite multi-color graphical screen printing on metal or plastic material, such as Nameplate or Signage, Plastic Nameplate, Motor Nameplate, Electroformed Nameplate, Polly Nameplate, Imitated Metal Nameplate, Membrane Switch Nameplate, Credit Card, VIP Card, Member Card, Security Card, Financial Card.
    Nameplate & Cards Screen Printer
    Signage Screen Printer, Namplate Screen Printer, Card Screen Printer

    Exquisite graphical screen printing on all kind of Nameplate, Plastic Nameplate, Motor Nameplate, Electroformed Nameplate, Polly Nameplate, Imitated Metal Nameplate, Membrane Switch Nameplate, etc. and all kind of Signage or Cards. Applicable models handle printing area in range 300x450 ~ 760x1040 mm

  • Stationery Souvenir Toy Screen Printer - Screen printing decoration or graphic image on Stationery, Gift, Souvenir, Decorative Accessories, Toys.
    Stationery Souvenir Toy Screen Printer
    Decorative Accessories Screen Printer, Gift and Souvenir Screen Printer

    Suitable for screen printing the colorful graphic image, decoration, text or logo onto all kind of material as plastic, metal, ceramic or glass for stationery, gift, souvenir an toy. Applicable models handle printing area in range 140x250 ~ 600x800 mm.

  • Recycle Bag Screen Printer - Directly printing LOGO or advertising literature onto recycle bag.
    Recycle Bag Screen Printer
    Reusable Bag Screen Printer, Environmental Protective Bag Screen Printer

    Used index rotary table screen printing, suitable for diverse small amount production, two index table to facilitate quick exchange fixture and stencil, efficiently satisfied with customer innovative idea.

  • Automotive Engine Gasket Screen Printer - Chemical or glue coating on the metal gasket by screen printing process, making high temperature and high horsepower engine room has better sealing
    Automotive Engine Gasket Screen Printer
    Head Gasket Screen Printer, Cylinder Head Gasket Screen Printer, Engine Gasket Screen Printer

    Suitable for multi-layer steel composite structure of irregular shape and twist the outer surface of the gasket coated with NBR glue screen printing processing, such can make the engine chamber in high horsepower, better sealing. For the process needs, special magnetic table plus positioning pin alignment can be made, magnetic holding metal gasket flattening to process screen printing. Applicable models handle printing area in range 400x600 ~ 800x800 mm.

  • Stereo Casting Screen Printer - Computer chassis, stereo case, cubic objects as container / case / box / basket printing.
    Stereo Casting Screen Printer
    Hardware Case Screen Printer, Cubic Object Screen Printer, Basket Screen Printer

    Various kind of rigid material formation into cubic object like instrument or equipment housing and container, screen printing pictogram, marking, message of functional feature or logo onto cubic objects. Applicable model handles printing area 400x550 mm.

  • Curve Screen Printer - Such as screen printing on cosmetic container, measurement container, laboratory test tube, thermos bottle, souvenir, etc
    Curve Screen Printer
    Cylindrical Screen Printer, Conical Screen Printer, Curved Surface Screen Printer

    Suitable for curve screen printing on various materials like plastic, metal, ceramic, glass in round, cylindrical, conical, curve arc or oval shaped, such as bottle, glass, mug, can, pail, pen, test tube, shampoo bottle, cosmetic container, oil pail, milk feeding bottle, thermos bottle and so on processing of industrial product. Applicable models of printing range Φ5 ~ Φ145 mm.


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Industrial Screen Printing Machine | Industrial Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturing - ATMA

ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a global leader of Industrial Screen Printing Machine | silk screen printing equipment based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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