SPS® Fully Automatic STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Press

SPS® Fully Automatic STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Press


also called Cylinder Press, Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

SPS®  VTS XP71/c Fully Automatic STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Press (tilt screen lift type, classic class), linked with Feeder
SPS® VTS XP71/c Fully Automatic STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Press (tilt screen lift type, classic class), linked with Feeder
  • linked with Feeder ahead, and Dryer lined up after(various types, up to drying principle of ink printed), and Stacker further, as a complete automatic process line
  • suitable substrates, paper, plastic, etcsheet materials in rectangular form(must be flexible), such as:
    ■ Graphic Printing:
    - advertisement posters, packaging boxes/ wraps, book covers, printed arts, stickers, greeting cards, labels/tags, braille, scratch-off lotteries…(print transparent relief, granular, glitter, etcspecial effects…). ■ Industrial Printing:
    - transfers/decals(textile, ceramic, glass, decors…),
    - automobile/appliance dashboards/panels(2D, 3D IMD/FIM...)
    - security cards(credit card, ID, bank note…).
    - nameplates, membrane switches…
    ■ Circuit Printing:
    - flexible circuits(carbon/silver…)
    Opto-electronic Printing:
    - electro-luminescence(electrode, emission layer, dielectric layer, backside electrode…)
    Bio-medical Printing:
    - health-care test strips(blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol…).
    ■ Green Energy Printing:
    - battery electrodes…
  • linked ahead must be an SPS® Feeder, 2 types for choice: Rear Pick-up type SPS® FVR EP 71, Front Pick-up type SPS® FVF FP 71, depending on substrate thickness=sheet flow handling.
  • maxspeed 4000p/h (with EP Rear Pick-up Feeder, stream sheet flow) or 2800p/h (with FP Front Pick-up Feeder, single sheet flow).
    superior German mechanism “Original SPS® STOP Cylinder Principle”, with classic economy class standard features:
  • Screen tilt lift design, for convenient and comfortable clean-up.
  • robust chassis + stainless steel side-paneling + foot steps (separate).
  • German motor + link balanced high-speed drive system.
  • finely produced stainless steel sleeved cylinder + sequenced vacuum/blowback system.
  • spring-loaded sheet grippers with ejectors + protection cover system in the cylinder.
  • stainless steel surfaced sheet feed-in vacuum belt table + sheet cradle roller set, ensures stable in-time arrival of sheet at registration point.
  • front stops + adjustable vacuum side-guides + optical fiber detection sheet registration system, working with Non-Print / Auto-Stop controls against sheet not registered in place.
  • pneumatic screen tilt lifting, working with Auto-Stop package programs, controls condition of ink on screen.
  • screen loading from top of holder frame + pneumatic locking, convenient and comfortable for setup.
  • screen pre-positioning + centralized 3-point fine adjustment system(new), for convenient and comfortable setup.
  • PEH squeegee drive + electronic-controlled sequence/stroke system, automatically controlled.
  • squeegee bridge position adjustment + dial indication, well controls printing effect.
  • manual knob-tuning + pressure electronic-controlled squeegee set-down system, automates fast and accurate setting
  • squeegee/flood coater manual locking.
  • squeegee bridge pneumatic lifting
  • 1-sectional stainless steel surfaced vacuum belt table + fold-down at delivery end, speed synced with Press cylinder
  • German vacuum pump + vacuum motor, provide vacuum for various spots
  • German host control PLC + attentive control programs
  • high-erected switch + graph/text display tough screen operator interface + air control panel + nearby control panels, for convenient and comfortable straight-forward operations.
  • emergency-stop buttons + safety bars + controls safety protection system.
  • automatic lubrication system + detection + warning, maintains equipment for long stable run.
  • synchroline synchronous control link with down-stream equipment, convenient for line control.
  • equipment for on-line remote diagnose service.

other options

  • anti-static device, eliminates static charge on plastic sheets.
  • push/pull dual mode convertible side guides, for thick-heavy / thin-light-weighted substrate sheets.
  • RKS C05 squeegee system with 3 squeegee blades, ensures printing quality.
  • drip protection package, avoids contamination from ink drip/splash
  • sheet deflector guide roller set.
other models in same series, but in different class/size:
XP screen tilt lift type
classic : SPS® VTS XP57/c [maxsheet 550x750mm (22”x30”)]
primeline: SPS® VTS XP57/p [maxsheet 550x750mm (22”x30”)]
other models in different type/class/size:
SL, QL 4-post lift type
SPS® VTS SL71 [maxsheet 750x1060mm (29”x41”)]
SPS® VTS QL57 [maxsheet 550x750mm (22”x30”)]
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SPS® Fully Automatic STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Press | Industrial Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturing - ATMA

ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a global leader of SPS® Fully Automatic STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Press | silk screen printing equipment based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

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