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Screen Printing Applications

Welcome to browse our screen-printing machinery product portfolio, owing to its characteristics as highly suitable for Substrates and Inks, hence can be widely applied in various processes and wide diversities. Our screen-printing equipment is therefore designed / developed coping with such processes in diversities.

To ease your searching, identifying, thus quickly finding corresponding models possibly meet your needs, our product is classified by diversification of several major application segments (as below), guiding you to click in for understanding.

Further, you might have found our products are in two brand series: ATMA and SPS, they are different in printing run principle and automation degree:

  • ATMA : for substrates in sheet/panel forms [*], adopts “flat-bed(table)” as substrate support base, added various modularly designed Printing Section (consists of stationary Screen Section and moving Printing Head), different degreed substrate in/out conveyance mechanism, and pre-print/post-print affiliated function sections for serial processes; Flat-bed type has the characteristics of being easy to operate and control, and accurate in print, suitable for industrial processes requiring accuracy rather than high productivity; [ * partial models may handle stereo molded substrates with printable flat or cylindrical surface, usually work with jig/holder: jig on table, rotating holder for cylindrical substrates; (see Industrial Printing) Recently also developed available models in Roll-to-roll work-flow principle for flexible substrates in roll form; (see Fully Automatic Roll-to-roll Screen Printing Line) ]
  • —SPS : for substrates in flexible sheet form, adopts “rotating cylinder” as substrate support base, added specific Printing Section (consists of moving Screen Section syncing to cylinder, and stationary Printing Head), automatic substrate infeed – positioning – printing – delivery conveyance mechanism, and pre-print feeding, post-print drying/stacking…in-line equipment for fully automatic serial processes; Cylinder type has the characteristics of being fully automated, in high run speed(=high productivity), suitable for processes requiring high automation and high productivity; (see SPS Fully Automatic Screen Printing Line) ]
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  • Industrial Screen Printing Machine
    ATMA screen printing solution is part of making industrial products function or outlook decoration.

    ATMA provides wide range of industrial printing machine as flat or curved screen printer for decorative printing or functional coating on rigid or flexible substrates like plastic, metal, mylar, glass, etc. ATMA professionally supports all projects for custom-made from concept to design, manufacturing and turnkey installation. Industrial screen printing is a part of overall production process and can be split into decorative and functional screen printing in according to product application. Decorative printing can make the product outlook appearance luxury or fancy. Functional printing brings the functionality to the products, Both enable to increase the product value-added.Flat screen printing can be applied for diverse industrial products as stated below :

  • Graphic Screen Printing Machine
    ATMA flatbed and cylinder press are adapted to print graphics or varnishing special effect.

    ATMA screen printing machinery provides the significant solution for graphical printing with low cost for massive batch production, it is frequently employed by various posters, transfer paper for apparel, art prints, packaging material and cards. Also, varnishing is printed adding onto already printed surface for relief, grain, metallic glitter, etc. special effect, so it increases dazzling attraction of fancy outlook appearance for luxury packaging material.Flatbed and cylinder press are suitable for small and large format printing in the graphics sector and varnishing special effect. Applicable printing equipment can be configured in several modes, such as corresponding to different productivity, activation speed & flexibility, material compatibility, investment and so on demands to achieve high production efficiency.

  • Glass Screen Printing Machine
    Screen printing can enhance the value of glass for industrial and architectural applications.

    Glass printing machine is a high value-added service that can increase margins on glass sales, particularly for customized glass. ATMA offers screen printing machinery which can expand the possibilities for glass surface designs of decorative and functional for a wide range of applications, such as industrial, appliance, automotive, interior design and architectural.High engineering of ATMA screen printer is dedicated to support long run massive production to lower cost of efficient production. It is featured with robust structure, durable, scratch-proof, slipping-proof, heavy loading, automatic centering registration, high accuracy of print repeatability, uniformity of ink layer, handling to print regular and irregular shape flat glass panel. Because of the continuous innovation in R&D, ATMA was granted a leading role in screen printing industry and offers complete printing solutions for customer production need from either semi-automatic, or 3/4 automatic up to fully automatic printing line. ATMA screen printer can be used for various sectors of glass printing as stated below.

  • PCB Screen Printing Machine
    Screen Printing Machine is used to print solder mask, legend, wet-film plug-via process to make PCB

    Silk-screen printing is crucial processing of PCB fabrication such as solder mask, legend or marks, wet-film plug-via processing. ATMA is dedicated to providing screen printing solutions for various types of rigid or flexible PCBs like single layer or multi-layer PCBs, and single-sided or double-sided PCBs

  • Optoelectronic Screen Printing Machine
    ATMA high precision screen printer is used for functional printing in optoelectronic sector

    Advanced optoelectronics screen printer with visual system is used for high precision functional printing, camera system captures substrates' target auto alignment to attain repeatability registration accuracy +/- 0.05 mm. Besides, motorized digital control calibrates automatically the squeegee leveling and depth, the equalized air pressure is applied to assure squeegee printing uniform ink layer, various features of machine which crucially affects printing ink deposit in resulting stable functionality of ink layer.ATMA is devoted into innovative design in long term and committed with top quality, ATMA has been certified by the renowned brand world class fabricator of smart phone, tablet and notebook PC as sole supplier for screen printing machine. ATMA high precision screen printer is used by fabrication process of touch panel (resistive or capacitive type) to print dot spacer or insulation onto ITO glass (or film) as well as various optoelectronic products as stated below.

  • Biomedical screen printing machine for healthcare
    ATMA screen printing solution is a crucial process of making the biosensor or test strips

    Biomedical test strips for healthcare is emerging industry, ATMA screen printing solution provides evenness printing functional ink (such as Silver Paste, Carbon Electrode, Chemistry and Insulation) multi-layer and fine line pattern onto thin film substrate by the approach of sheet by sheet or roll-to-roll process.With regard to the approach of sheet by sheet process, ATMA flatbed screen printer with CCD registering provides various solutions as semi-automatic or 3/4 automatic with take-off or full automatic with auto feeding and take-off to meet customer production needs. It is configured with the squeegee auto leveling and the pneumatic equalizer to control effective printing fine line pattern and uniformity multi-layer. Detailed feature and specification can be referred to the applicable models descriptions (as MF model series).The approach of roll-to-roll printing is designed for all kind of PET coiled material to repeat process massive production of multi-layer printing top and bottom insulation cover for test strips. ATMA fully automatic roll-to-roll screen-printing line is configured with either Sensor or CCD camera registering in accordance with customer production needs. The squeegee is configured with the equalizer to control constant printing air pressure to achieve stable fine line printing quality. Optional auto inspection can be added onto printing line to enhance efficient production.

  • Green Energy Screen Printing Machine
    The machine is also called Solar Cell Screen Printing Machine or Silicon Wafer Screen Printing Machine or Photovoltaic Screen Printing Machine

    Low breakage and high yield rate are necessary to meet essential requirement for Silicon solar cell high efficiency and low cost. ATMA is based on innovative design and quality engineering to provide the effective solution to meet essential requirement.ATMA high precision screen printing with vision system registration to print Silver or Sliver-Aluminum paste fingers and busbars onto mono-crystalline or polycrystalline silicon wafer in size 5” & 6”Applicable screen printer can be introduced as below : 1) CCD Centered Registering Screen Printer for Green Energy Silicon Wafer : ATMASC 25PP 2) Green Energy Silicon Wafer Screen Printer : AT-25PSC

  • Screen Printing Peripherals
    Support pre-printing and post-printing to present quality of screen printing image.

    ATMA is specialized in making screen printing equipments for four decades and is committed to top quality, wide range of product line provides one-stop service to complete screen printing production. Custom-made order also can be accepted.ATMA screen printing peripheral equipments and accessories is to support prepress, printing and post-printing to secure the printing image quality, which includes various items as mentioned below.


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40 Years of Industrial Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturing - ATMA

ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a silk screen printing equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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