Social Responsibility

ATMA CHAMP manufacture professional screen printing related machineries. Our products are widely use in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

Social Responsibility

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, Environmental Protection

In 1997, ATMA was certified by ISO14001 leading industry, formulated policy of environmental protection to practice in life, ATMA takes responsibility for environmental protection as members of global village, concrete implement issues as below :

(1) Utilize environmental packing material
Optimized utilization material, bigger machine can be packed by using metallic pallet and packaging, but the small press can be packed by using cardboard case. This policy generated reduction of 50% wooden case utilization. Nevertheless, it caused inconvenience and cost increasing, we are trying the best to protect the earth and less woods cutting.

(2) Reduce waste discharge
Conform with regulation of environmental protection, the environmental protection material is used during production processing, insist to minimize waste discharge even down to zero.

(3) Disposing of waste oil and water
Waste oil and cutting coolant are generated during production processing, which are delegated by the eligible environmental company recycling.

(4) Reduce trash quantity
Carrying out to recycle all the kitchen waste and to classify the trash, the benefit is apparently so far.

(5) Dedicate to develop green energy industry
Based on the global concept of community of life, limitation of earth resource is realized, ATMA is devoted to develop solar energy green energy industry and promotes energy saving, start-up clean energy, creates the sustainable environmental protection.

Care for vulnerable groups,actively participate public welfare

In the original intention of feedback to society, ATMA has actively devoted to public walfare service for years, continual concerning with the related issues of childern, handicap disable etc. vulnerable groups, and generously donated to the place where needs help for disaster or emergency rescue.

(1) Large amount and employee one day wage donation for emergency rescue.
Such as 921 earthquake, SARS resistance, Wenchuan earthquake, Morakot typhoon, 311 earthquake in Japan, gas explosion in Kaohsiung and so on.

(2) Long term sponsor to public welfare vulnerable groups
Tzu foundation, Cancer New Life Association, Spinal Cord Injury Development Association, Visual Impaired Music Foundation,『Bird and Water Dance Set』disable group, care for vulnerable groups and poverty pupils charity concert, Hualien fund for children and families, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, Clinical oncology research and development foundation and so on.


(3) Long term sponsor for scholarship to vulnerable groups
Banqiao xinpu elementary school baseball team, Chiayi lucao junior high school, Chiayi lioujia junior high school, Taoyuan dagang junior high school, Tainan houbi elementary school, Tainan yongan elementary school, Wugu county vulnerable children, Guishan nursery and so on.

(4) Passionate participation for public welfare activity
Hualien coast cleannig the beach, million planting to save the earth, sponsor for old computer recycling, Tzu lucky month pray audition, supporting National Association of Young Entrepreneurs sport competition, public welfare sport game, donated the used book to rural students, donated the revenue of flea market auction and so on.

(5) Grateful feedback to the society
Donated to build the library and bell tower of the Houbi elementary school, and Xinghua community resource recycle plan, cooperative education with Longhua University of Science and Technology and Ming Zhi Science and Technology University, sponsored screen printer for Vocational Training Council, donated ambulance to Wugong Firefighter Department, rehabus for New Taipei city government, donated the lifesaving equipment to rescue association of New Taipei city, Volunteer Fire Fighter team and Lujou police station, donated to rebuild the temple, donated the screen printer to the friendly rehabilitation skills club, donated the water cleaning equipment to northern Thai people, donated to Lee Guoding foundation for vulnerable youth groups, donated the bed to Tzu hospital, sponsored New Taipei city government’s program for poverty low income, donated the monitoring system and LED board to Wugu industrial zone and so on.



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ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a global leader of silk screen printing equipment based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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