Automotive Dashboard Screen Printer

Automotive Dashboard Screen Printer

Dashboard printing, Speedometer printing, Motorcycle Speedometer printing, Automotive Speedometer printing, Electro-luminescence Dashboard printing

Automotive Dashboard printing, EL Dashboard printing, Motorcycle Dashboard printing, etc., which are precise screen printing multi-color uniform light pictorial and warning signs.
Automotive Dashboard printing, EL Dashboard printing, Motorcycle Dashboard printing, etc., which are precise screen printing multi-color uniform light pictorial and warning signs.

Suitable for Mylar material thin film / sheet multicolor printing translucent graphic precise processing. Dashboard is a unique combination of safety, functionality, comfort and decoration. Applicable models handle printing area in range 400x600 ~ 760x1040 mm

Applicable model

(1) Semi-automatic Model :
AT-80P Electric Flat Screen Printer
AT-68C High Speed Clamshell Screen Printer
ATMAOE MF66 Visual System Auto-alignment Screen Printer

(2) 3/4 Automatic Model :
AT-80PP/G Electric Sliding Table Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off
ATMACE 67/G(6) Four-post Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off (G6 version)

(3) Fully Automatic Model :<br />ATMATIC MF66/F Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer

(4) Fully Automatic Printing Line :<br />Integrated feeding printing drying collecting in one complete production line

SPS® High speed Fully Automatic Cylinder Screen Printer ( flexible substrate, thickness 0.08~0.8 mm)
4-post screen lift type, luxury class:

SPS® VTS SL71 (max substrate size 750x1060mm)
SPS® VTS QL57 (max substrate size 550x750mm)
tilt screen lift type, luxury primeline class :
SPS® VTS XP57/p (max substrate size 550x750mm)
tilt screen lift type, classic class :
SPS® VTS XP71/c (max substrate size 750x1060mm)
SPS® VTS XP57/c (max substrate size 550x750mm)

Collocated SPS® Conveyor Dryer series (configured depending on ink drying condition)
Hot / Cold Jet Air + UV Combination Conveyor Dryer :
SPS® CBS 71 (working width 1200mm, 90ºC)
SPS® CBS 57 (working width 900mm, 90ºC)

Collocated SPS® Automatic Sheet Stacker series
SPS® STK AS71 (max substrate size 750x1060mm)
SPS® STK AS57 (max substrate size 550x750mm)

Collocated SPS® Reject Sheet Selector series (printed-pass / unprinted-bypass)
SPS® RSS RS71 (max substrate size 750x1060mm)
SPS® RSS RS57 (max substrate size 550x750mm)

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  • High-speed Clamshell Screen Printer - Ingratiated user operating habit and diversified development, it is beneficial user to gain more choice of printing equipments to open different industrial sector on market.
    High-speed Clamshell Screen Printer

    Suitable for flat sheet / plate / thin film substrate such as Nameplate, Acrylic, Transfer Paper, Membrane Switch etcindustry products flat printing. User group selects demand for economical price, speed production to get used to adopt clamshell type model and critical printing accuracy is not required

  • Pneumatic Mini Flat Screen Printer - Suitable for printing various products with small size, light weight and flexibility, quick exchange substrate
    Pneumatic Mini Flat Screen Printer

    Initially invented pneumatic type flat screen printer, suitable for printing various industrial products like Nameplate and Cards, all kind of flat sheet / plate / panel of material Acrylic, Plastic, Plastic, Metal, etc. Corresponding to diverse production efficiency, versatile feature like three-point screen micro-adjustment for easy registration, table with vacuum function, CPU control, etcwhich is the best choice of small size screen printer

  • Electric Flat Screen Printer - Electric flat screen printer AT-80P is suitable for screen printing on flexible or rigid material flat sheet such as Membrane Switch, Flexible Printer Circuits, Nameplate, Signage, Safety Security Card, Automotive Dashboard, Engine Gasket, Transfer Paper, Electro-luminescent, etcindustrial products.
    Electric Flat Screen Printer

    Electric flat screen printer AT-80P is suitable for printing industrial products such as Membrane Switch, Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), Nameplate, Electro-luminescent, etc. Aluminum alloyed extruded formation structure, high strength and light weight to raise durability and accuracy to support heavy dutyMotor driven screen vertical up down rapidly, equipped with safety buffer cylinder (patented)When the screen descends at printing level, if E-stop switch is triggered, all stroke of machine operating is stopped automatically, safety auxiliary cylinder is automatically inflated against the weight of the print head carriage and frame holder assembly, slight manually push up the screen ascent, comprehensive protecting the operator safetyDuring screen traveling, when the screen is descending and is not reached at the printing level, if E-stop is triggered, screen is moved up slowly to origin positionPrinting stroke is driven by servo motor, enhance speed range and stable linear speed motion HMI displays Chinese / English language, digitalized control to select or setting versatile printing cycle modes rapidlyDepending on substrates different need, fast and convenient to attain printing efficiency and fulfill various printing needSafety protective loop, if malfunction or erroneous setting or operating, machine is stopped immediately and HMI displays error message, attached with restoration iconTwist E-stop switch to restore origin to protect operator safety

  • Four-post Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off - Digital control preset printing parameters, servo motor driven printing stroke with equalized air pressure and synchronous peel-off to prevent sticky mesh, auto gripper take-0ff to raise productivity.
    Four-post Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off
    ATMACE 67/G(6)

    Suitable for graphic or industrial printing onto rigid and flexible material flat substrate such as ceramic transfer paper, advertisement sticker or decal, package case for cigarette and liquor, UV varnish, membrane switch, automotive dashboard, etc Sliding vacuum table in/ out facilitates operator manual loading and alignment process, collocated with gripper take-off to correspond with customer production line layout to raise productivity. HMI digital control printing parameter, enables to save and retrieve 100 groups of memory parameter effectively implement digital production management, quick setup to save time of pre-printing processServo motor drives printing stroke and synchronous peel-off, digital setting printing stroke and speed, peel-off start point and heightEquipped with screen cleaning switch button, E-stop switch, comprehensive safety protection, FRL unit with auto air pressure inductor, machine will stop automatically with warning upon insufficient air pressure, ensure all printing to get done with sufficient air pressure.

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Automotive Dashboard Screen Printer | Industrial Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturing - ATMA

ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a global leader of Automotive Dashboard Screen Printer | silk screen printing equipment based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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