Optoelectronic Screen Printing Machine

Optoelectronic Screen Printing Machine

Use optoelectronic screen printing machine on LCD manufacturing , smart phone cover lens and display panel

ATMA high precision screen printing machine can handle printing LCD, Smart phone cover lens, ITO Glass, etc.
ATMA high precision screen printing machine can handle printing LCD, Smart phone cover lens, ITO Glass, etc.

ATMA is dedicated into innovative design and standardized production to commit with top quality. ATMA has been certified by the renowned brand world class fabricator of smart phone, tablet and notebook PC as sole supplier for screen printing machine.

ATMA high precision screen printing machine is featured with CCD camera to detect fiducial alignment to achieve registration accuracy ±0.05 mm. Besides, motorized digital control calibrates automatically the squeegee leveling and depth, the equalized air pressure is applied to squeegee printing to secure uniform ink deposit layer for backlight transmission uniformity.

ATMA screen printing machine is used by various types of opto-electronic products fabrication. See much more detailed information of the printed products below :

1. Smart Phone Cover Lens : BM (back matrix), CG, IR, I-con, Logo, etc is printed onto conductive glass.
2. Display Panel : back matrix, silver circuits, glue mask, etching, etc is printed onto glass panel.
3. Guided Light Panel : the guided light spot is printed onto glass or acrylic panel.
4. Tablet and notebook display, automotive display or electronic dashboard.
5. Touch panel for medical instrument, slot machine and ATM banking machine.
6. LCD display for appliance, ITO glass / ITO film, guided light panel and optical acrylic.

  • Touch Panel Screen Printing Machine - Touch Panel, Tablet PC, Automotive Video Audio System, Operation Control Computer, Medical Instrument, Automotive Dashboard, ITO Film, Optical Acrylic.
    Touch Panel Screen Printing Machine
    Display Panel Screen Printer, Touch Panel Screen Printer

    Suitable for 14”or above size of touch-panel to print back matrix and functional ink for other features, such as glue mask, etching paste. Used by CCD visual system to detect edge for center alignment, enables to overcome tolerance of glass edge which is cause by cutting and grinding while process to raise printing accuracy. Enable to coordinate with customer product character to have feeding / unloading, incorporated with up / down stream production inline automatic processing. Applicable models handle printing area in range 400x400 ~ 1500x1500 mm.

  • Automotive Touch Panel Screen Printing Machine - Printing black matrix, IR on automotive display glass panel.
    Automotive Touch Panel Screen Printing Machine
    Automotive Touch Panel Screen Printer, Automotive Touch Display Screen Printer

    Specialized in printing high value-added automotive glass, enable to match customer product character to layout inlet and outlet and collocate with up / downstream production to connect with automatic printing line. In responding to the trend of intelligent and internet vehicle, automotive display panel shows information more and more enrichment, including : video / audio entertainment, instant navigation, traffic status information, auxiliary driving and so on. Thus, it is necessary to increase various types of display panel to response interactive of HMI.

  • Guided Light Panel Screen Printing Machine - Screen printing diffusive spot onto guided light panel
    Guided Light Panel Screen Printing Machine
    GLP Module Screen Printer, Back Light Module Screen Printer

    Specialized high precision printing LED TV backlight module for the guided light panel to fulfill customer product attribution and size (1000x1400mm ~ 1200x2100mm), planning inlet/outlet section to associate up / down stream process inline process. Light Guided Panel is crucial medium of light conduction in Back Light Module components, applied for lateral light type (edge type) Back Light Module, conduct light direction, enable to raise panel brightness and uniform brightness control.

  • Cover Lens Screen Printing Machine - Specialized in high precision printing BM, IR, Icon, Logo, Glue Mask, etc. onto Cover Lens without target fiducial for Smart Phone / Tablet PC.
    Cover Lens Screen Printing Machine
    Smart Phone Cover Lens Screen Printer, Tablet Cover Lens Screen Printer

    Touch Panel and mobile display device to bring borderless design to lead the demand of protective panel (cover lens). Purpose of Cover Lens is to protect bottom polarizer, prevent scratching, figure print and defacement, enhanced the appearance. Dedicated to print back matrix onto cover lens complete flat/2.5D for smart phone, enables to incorporate with feeding/ unloading, drying tunnel inline automatic processing. By CCD camera detects panel edge for centered registering, enable to overcome tolerance of glass edge which is caused by cutting and grinding, raise printing accuracy. Applicable models handle printing area in range 110x160 ~ 300x400 mm.


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Optoelectronic Screen Printing Machine | Industrial Screen Printing Equipment Manufacturing - ATMA

ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., since 1979, is a global leader of Optoelectronic Screen Printing Machine | silk screen printing equipment based in Taiwan.

ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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