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2020 China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition


Date : 2020/04/14 ~ 04/17
Place : New China Shanghai International Exhibition Center
Booth No : E1-529

Along with various types of vehicles generally enter into family, the growth rate exceeds expectation. Among them, the front / rear windshield, sunroof / panoramic sunroof glass, triangular side window glass are relied heavily on printing functionality, beauty and recognizable styles of screen printer. Now, the glass for smart home appliance and photovoltaic is required a large amount of screen printing machineries to achieve product beauty and operation instructions, mark identification. Screen printing has the effect to complement the uniqueness and value of the product.

ATMA has corresponding automatic glass printing lines in various industries. Solve the difficulties of loading and unloading at user end, provide high precision visual registration to meet the need of high end product, and take into account the maximum benefits of rapid production capacity. Various printing machines and video are displayed at spot, the production layout can be planned on-site for detailed function explanation and introduction. Welcome for visiting and guidance.

Machines on ATMA booth
  • Automatic Flat Glass Screen Printer - Automotive Triangle Window (irregular), Skylight, Appliance Glass Automatic Printing Line, which is fast production tool
    Automatic Flat Glass Screen Printer

    Suitable for multi-layer screen printing on automotive triangle window, skylight and appliance glassFollowing automotive industry development to cause huge stress of delivery, production capacity is the most important issue at industry, triangle window glass has irregular shape, diverse dimension of small and big size, difficult with slow productivity can be breakthrough as the goal of new design

  • Automatic Fridge Door Glass Screen Printer - Conveyor belts transfer glass panel, separately control strong or weak air pressure of registration pins, precise control registration accuracy, nesting bar is added at bilateral side to compensate substrate height for smooth printing.
    Automatic Fridge Door Glass Screen Printer

    Suitable for screen printing medium size of glass panel, such as fridge door, air conditioner panel, microwave oven, automotive skylights.

  • Automatic Automotive Front / Back Windshield Glass Screen Printer - Conveyor belt transports substrate, distinctly control heavy and weak pressure for registration pins, precise control registration accuracy and bilateral nesting bar
    Automatic Automotive Front / Back Windshield Glass Screen Printer
    ATMATIC GS1225

    Suitable for printing large format glass such as glass door for refrigerator, automotive dormer glass, automotive front / back windshield glass, photovoltaic glass and so on

  • Fully Automatic Cooktop Glass Screen Printing Line - Get thru fully automatic station to transfer workflow, reduce numerous manpower of transportation, raise full line production efficiency
    Fully Automatic Cooktop Glass Screen Printing Line

    Digital control automatic inline processing to print rigid material such as ceramic glass, cooktop, microwave oven glass, oven glass, lamp adornment, etc. Connecting up / downstream processing, digital fully automatic screen printing line, modular design includes Inlet Centering (x2), Accumulator, Automatic Glass Screen Printer, Transfer Conveyor, Quality Inspection, Outlet Conveyor, total seven stationsDepending on production layout to select favorable work station to integrate production line. HMI digital control to set printing parameters, implement production line numeric management to control production quality, set up central control platform, setting parameters at once for whole line, fast setting and adjusting simply operation, one man monitors whole production line, display warning message for quick trouble shooting


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ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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