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2020 CPCA International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shanghai)


Date : 2020/08/25 ~ 08/27
Place : Shanghai National Convention & Exhibition Center
Booth No : 8T30

After the influence of external factors in 2019, the demand of the circuit board industry is still moving forward steadily. In response to rising labor costs, manpower shortages, and difficult to improve quality yield rate in recent years, it is urgently to upgrade industry with fully automated production mode.

In the face of automated production lines, the first is stable and durable without stopping. ATMA adheres to 40 years of excellent quality. This year, we have launched a single and double-sided panel high-performance CCD automatic printing line, connecting with four-post type to provide high / middle class two models with CCD registering printing line, which is suitable for plugging / solder masking / legend process. Believe that at the ATMA booth, we will be able to provide appropriate models. Welcome to make an appointment for visiting and discussing.

Machines on ATMA booth
  • Twin Table Wet-film Plug-via Screen Printer - Twin table interchange in and out, one table at printing position, another table offloading / loading to match perfectly and achieve requirement for quick production.
    Twin Table Wet-film Plug-via Screen Printer

    Dedicated to process screen printing photoimageable resistance solder mask wet film plug / non-plug-via on PCB. Initiative double squeegee bidirectional printing + bidirectional peel-off + bidirectional table displacement and so on patented function, double machine operating, drying after both sides to be printed, precise control (circuits corner crack may not be left out printing), (bidirectional printing ink misaligned / precise), (auto cleaning residue ink beneath screen mesh), ( plug-via holes satiation, don’t bump after drying) and so on perfect printing effect, significantly increase printing speed and yield rate, leading the trend of PCB production mainstream

  • Fully Automatic PCB Plug-via Solder Mask Screen Printing Line - Incorporated with automatic plug-via + buffer stacker + C side solder mask screen printer + buffer stacker + automatic positioning turn over + S side solder mask screen printer, connecting with wicket dryer inline process printing line
    Fully Automatic PCB Plug-via Solder Mask Screen Printing Line

    Specialized in automatic multi-layer PCB plug-via solder mask screen printing line processR&D strategic alliance with customer thru enquiry, once understanding demand to issue production proposal and layout planning, all feature function is settled, technical R&D will be carried outThis machine is consisted of automatic plug-via + buffer stacker + C side plug-via screen printer + buffer stacker + automatic positioning turn over + S side solder mask screen printer to attain fully automatic production efficiencyOne way is to reduce manpower and another way to save energy carbon reduction (original process 3-times printing with 3-times drying reduce to 3-times printing with 1-times drying.) Among crucial points is to make fixture for air conduction while plug-via process + automatic positioning turn over CCD camera detection, fixture for C/S side can be overcome, digital control driven replaces three-point micro adjustment function to assure smooth workflow, this is also unique invention of automatic plug-via solder mask inline massive production machine all over the world

  • Fully Automatic CCD Registering Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line - Incorporated with unwinding + screen printer with CCD registering + Visual Inspection + Reel-to-Reel Standstill + IR Hot Air Dryer + Auto Winder connecting automatic production line
    Fully Automatic CCD Registering Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing Line

    Among next generation of sunrise industries, FPC (Flexible Electronics) technology is being developed rapidly, flexible electronics is generally known technology, which is configured components onto thin film or metal foil or flexible substrateApplication of flexible electronic technology is widely used currently, except for the earlier development and mature technology of FPC industry, Flexible Display, E-paper, Thin Film Solar Cell, RFID and so on is application scope of flexible electronics, great potential development in futureCombined with Roll-to-Roll continual processing to produce flexible electronic products, also achieves advantage of production efficiency and cost down. R2R continual production equipment and transmission technology, it will be the most futuristic world trend of industry, such technology will cause tremendous innovation of industry from material, equipment, processing, product design, driven circuits etc


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