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Thailand Pack-Print International Exhibition


Thailand Industry 4.0 starts from industrial side and turn over the economic model in the past, assisted numerous industrial economic substantial growth, enhance overall national economic performance. ATMA has operated screen printing market in Thailand for long time and occupied important position locally. ATMA and SPS allied participating exhibition to display the-state-of-art fully automatic machine for industrial and package printing.

Date : 2019/09/18~09/21
Place : Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Bangkok, Thailand)
Booth No.: N17


Machines on ATMA booth
  • Pneumatic Flat Screen Printer - Possessed of competitive pricing and suitable for various type industrial product printing, it is the most satisfied within industry as first choice
    Pneumatic Flat Screen Printer

    Constantly explore medium size screen printer on market, it is acknowledged, application scope of medium size screen printer can be adapted by various industries, and enhance to spread out the market, such as Self-adhesive Sticker, Credit Card (VIP member card), Nameplate, UV varnish, leather, etcPrinting precision is not critically as same as optoelectronic industry, but various type of products printingQuick change screen and facilitate screen cleaning and precise registration are valued

  • Four-post Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off - Digital control preset printing parameters, servo motor driven printing stroke with equalized air pressure and synchronous peel-off to prevent sticky mesh, auto gripper take-0ff to raise productivity.
    Four-post Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off
    ATMACE 67/G(6)

    Suitable for graphic or industrial printing onto rigid and flexible material flat substrate such as ceramic transfer paper, advertisement sticker or decal, package case for cigarette and liquor, UV varnish, membrane switch, automotive dashboard, etc Sliding vacuum table in/ out facilitates operator manual loading and alignment process, collocated with gripper take-off to correspond with customer production line layout to raise productivity. HMI digital control printing parameter, enables to save and retrieve 100 groups of memory parameter effectively implement digital production management, quick setup to save time of pre-printing processServo motor drives printing stroke and synchronous peel-off, digital setting printing stroke and speed, peel-off start point and heightEquipped with screen cleaning switch button, E-stop switch, comprehensive safety protection, FRL unit with auto air pressure inductor, machine will stop automatically with warning upon insufficient air pressure, ensure all printing to get done with sufficient air pressure.

  • Digital Automatic Emulsion Coating Machine - Double coater front / back synchronous coating, settable number of coating 1~15 times, achieve demand of precise coating layer thickness
    Digital Automatic Emulsion Coating Machine

    Specialized in process of high precision coating photoimageable emulsion onto screen mesh Design Concept : innovative design structure and transmission system, collocated with coating pressure equalizing control system to make stable and even coating, precise control coating layer, digital touch-screen facilitates standardization, digitization to control quality processing. In order to attain perfect printing goal, emulsion coating layer on mesh must be controlled properly as crucial importance, it is only to combine the screen, squeegee, printing machine together properly and will probably generate excellent printing product, remarkable emulsion coating can not be replaced

  • Automatic Squeegee Sharpener - Adopts diamond wheel fast grinding, squeegee rubber can be lasted long usage to save consumption.
    Automatic Squeegee Sharpener

    Specialized in grinding various squeegee rubber with mounting holder to obtain squeegee straight, flat and sharp edge.

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ATMA's industrial screen printing machinery manufacturing plant, 66,000 square meter, is CE certified, uses ERP system, contains German SPS cylinder press, and has 170 patented designs. And all screen print equipment are widely used in 7 major applications: industrial printing, graphic printing, glass printing, printed circuits, optical-electronic, biomedical printing, and green energy printing.

ATMA has been offering customers professional screen printing machinery and its related equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, ATMA ensures each customer's demands are met.

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